How Do You Find Your Passion?

Last month’s blog talked about your talents, those God given gifts within you. This month, I continue with the topic and I dedicate it to all the Afghan women suffering, those women who’ve had to give up their dreams and have no control over...

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Diamonds are Forever

April is here and with it another one of my blogs, since the first day of the month when I realized it was the month of diamonds I’ve had this blog in my mind. I don’t think there is a more beautiful stone than...

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Feel The Love!

I really tried to publish this blog by the 19th of last month as I had planned but it became impossible due to so much work; and honestly I couldn’t get my words and thoughts out at all! So last week on Thursday at...

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New Beginnings, New Goals

I love new beginnings, the smell in the air after the holidays, the feel of the remaining winds that take away with them what was left of the previous year as the new year unfolds. I’ve decided to live this new year with more...

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What My Jewelry Reflects

I believe that whatever we do in life is God’s purpose. In my case, I have not always done what I do now: jewelry. My life changed course and designing and making jewelry is my greatest joy today. On Tuesday January 21st, I woke...

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Collar Hecho con Distintas Perlas

What do you know about pearls?

For many years, pearls have been known for their color and luster. Here are the main characteristics of these ocean gems. HISTORY OF PEARLS. Early on, the value of a pearl depended on its supply. A pearl’s beauty emerges when an oyster opens up....

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