Feel The Love!

Feel The Love!

I really tried to publish this blog by the 19th of last month as I had planned but it became impossible due to so much work; and honestly I couldn’t get my words and thoughts out at all! So last week on Thursday at around 6:30 am, the words finally came to me.

First I thought, why write it? why bother? The time had passed, but I decided to write it anyway…… because who doesn’t want to talk about love? why wouldn’t anyone like to talk about it? It’s a topic that applies to so many aspects of our lives doesn’t it? So here it is, I hope you enjoy it!

How would you define LOVE?

For me these four letters can’t be defined in one simple, embellished but meaningless phrase. LOVE is not a fleeting moment or a trend. I believe that LOVE is the most powerful energy amongst us and in the entire universe!

It’s the energy and the force that allows things to happen; especially those dreams and goals that seem “impossible” or, that we deem as “miracles”. So… what is LOVE? What is it about? How does one feel love?

Love is not butterflies in your stomach, or just sex and infatuation for another person. It’s not just an “I really like you”. Love is a force, an energy that comes from within, the one that makes you love, nurture and respect yourself. Love allows you to set boundaries, to live your own path, to do what’s right for YOU so you can give it to others. You need to feel love within yourself because if you don’t,  you can’t spread it and give it to others.


Love is born inside each of us, it’s there for us to use and do wonderful things with it. From the moment that  we are born, we experience many circumstances  that allow us to know and feel love in many different ways. First, we know it through our parents, siblings and extended family as well all the people we meet throughout our lives. Even those that merely smile at us at the supermarket or the shopping center. Yes, love can be experienced through our eyes too… the way love at first sight does!


There is the love we are taught and feel towards  God. We’ve felt his love through all the blessings we’ve received and we continue to receive. 

We see and feel  love through our friends, our most loved and dear ones, do you wonder about all you’ve shared with them? what they’ve taught you? the moments shared together? What would you do without them? 

Love is also in our jobs. We see it in our co-workers that are always looking after us, that help us perform better with their advice, examples and teachings. 

Every single day from morning to night, we are surrounded with love, and unique miracles through God. We see God’s love in a bright blue sky, a sunny day, a rainy afternoon or sky full of stars… how about through your family, your friends and coworkers, don’t you feel the love?

What about in your daily job, why do you do it? I can only think of one answer, one reason …. and that is because you LOVE what you do! If you love what you do, time limits don’t exist. We don’t feel the obstacles, fallouts and overtime we face. When we fall behind, we don’t stop or give up!  Because we love what we do, we are able to keep going and focus even more so we can meet our goals.

Our entire life revolves around LOVE one way or another. 

Make sure you feel the love day to day and rejoice in it, be happy with what you have and where you are at this moment in your life, because that is where you are meant to be. Love yourself and  simply LOVE.

With everlasting passion, 



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