Part I – What kind of woman and mother are you? Who do you identify with?

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Part I – What kind of woman and mother are you? Who do you identify with?

According to image gurus, each one of us is unique with our very own style and stereotype.

Today, after obtaining my Personal Image Consultant Certificate, I have learned to see many attributes in each person. I would like to share the following article to help you discover that based on what you do, what type of work or profession you’re in, or your surrounding environment; what kind of accessories you can use to make the most of your outfit, define who you are or who you can become. For example, such factors can determine how you present yourself to others, and more importantly (for me) which accessories suit you best according to your own type and style.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and after today’s blog and all the knowledge you will acquire, you will be able to get pieces for you, your mother, your aunt, your grandmother and/or your sister. Each of you will wear a piece of jewelry that will be ideal and make you look

1.0 Traditional Mother: She projects a conservative image, one of loyalty and faithfulness. She usually works in an office and is professional.

Her wardrobe is made of coordinated pieces such as blazers, skirts, pants and tops. She coordinates her stockings with her shoes, purse and belt. Her hair is clean and in a simple style. Her makeup is modern and natural.

* The accessories: These are usually delicate and small and picked carefully. They can be pearls or a multi-color piece that she combines with her wardrobe. She loves pearls and black that she combines with neutral colors like beige, navy blue and brown. She may even choose to wear medium-sized pieces depending on the occasion and chosen outfit.

2.0 A Romantic Mother: She projects femininity and solidarity. This mother’s wardrobe is very delicate, she uses different textures and patterns that include flowers and nature. Her clothes are light and its colors are neutral, light and pastels.

Light colors and full skirts and dresses are usually what she wears. You can see her romantic-style accessories like lace, flowers, handkerchiefs, cameos, etc. Her makeup is soft and she loves lotions and perfumes. She is soft spoken and gentle all around.

*The accessories: This type of mother uses small and delicate pieces with a special touch. A great gift for her includes pearls, and those pieces that are pink, peach, white or any combination of pastel colors. She likes small pearls with a delicate touch.

3.0 An Elegant Mother: She portrays a refined image and status. She is reserved, composed and highly educated; she is successful and exudes confidence. She may be a well-known professional or public figure.

Her wardrobe is carefully chosen to match from her jacket, skirt, pants or dress to her shoes, purse and belt. She communicates in a refined manner; her makeup is flawless as well as her hands and skin. She wears perfectly fit clothing.

*The accessories: These are not common and are very high quality. They can be neutral color pearl, long necklaces with rare designs and materials. They love semiprecious stones as well as subtle and very fine jewelry.

4.0 A Natural Mother: She projects accessibility and friendship. She dresses in layers, with comfortable and not fitted pieces. She usually likes to combine 3 or 4 colors in her outfit. She wears her hair natural and her makeup is minimal or neutral. A natural mother is usually a stay-at-home mother who is devoted to her family. Some may be freelancers or have their own business and their style is simple.

*The accessories can be all types and sizes. They love color since they love nature. They especially like colors in the warm spectrum; colors which are bright and intense like red, orange, and yellow.

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