Fall & Winter Colors 2019/2020

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Fall & Winter Colors 2019/2020

Fall is here and it is real! Fashion designers throughout the world have been working for two consecutive seasons to bring us 2019’s Fall and Winter colors.

The purpose of this blog is for you to learn about these colors. Some of their names will make you wonder the same way I did. It was then that I decided to write this blog. The world of design is a world of fashion, clothes and accessories. Our world is a world of color.

I have compiled 33 different Fall colors for you to explore. It will be exciting to wear these during the Fall season. The following illustrations are vivid and will dare you to refresh your personal image. Would we dare wear a new color we’ve never worn before? How would it make us feel? Would we perhaps feel happier? Or could these new colors make us feel at peace or more calm? Why not? Why limit ourselves?

Dare yourself and discover that there are always new things for you to wear.  Just give yourself the chance and “try it”. My website, www.uniquebyjackie.com now has my Fall Collection 2019 and it was crafted with these colors in mind.

Keep reading and discover that Fall colors are in vogue. Let go of the old and use your creativity to embrace the new and modern colors like I did with my jewelry. Embrace what this season has to offer, life is about continuous change, let’s flow!

With Everlasting Passion,




Merlot is a grape variety which is a deep dark blue. The word Merlot comes from merle which  is the French name for the blackbird that refers to the color of the grape from which Merlot wine comes from.



This beautiful color reminds of red wine so deep it’s almost purple. It is displayed throughout the world as the hot summer months begin to fade and the Fall season arrives.



Cranberry is a fruit much bigger than its own leaves. Of course it starts green but then changes into red as it ripens. Cranberry juice is delicious.



Do you like figs? This is not a very common fruit in latin America or a tropical fruit, but I can assure you, you’ve tasted it in some kind of dessert. This delicious fruit is initially green on the outside. But a ripe fig that is ready when its skin is a bright purple and its inside is a shiny red.



Chilli pepper was the color for 2007.  This color comes from those small, delicious and spicy small red peppers that you’ve probably seen in many magazines and perhaps even cooked with them. Depending on their ripeness, chilli peppers provide a wide spectrum of various hues of red.



You may think you don’t know this color, but rest assured you’ve seen it in many magazines. The crabapple tree is full of  pink flowers before its harvest of delicious apples. Crabapple trees grow branches full of beautiful pink flowers that later harvest into apples that we enjoy for snacking, baking or cooking.



Peachy pink matches any shades of pink and white. Such combinations look bright, fresh and happy. Some shades of green, blue and maybe purple can be added to this combination. Would you dare give it a try?



Tigers have been found to range in color up to 14 shades of orange, red, maroon, yellow and colorless. However, orange is the most common and known color of a tiger. Now that you know this, what  colors could you combine with orange? With white!? Look around in nature, it will help you decide.



Hazel eyes! Hazel is not a common eye color but it is definitely unique and beautiful. Hazel eyes are best described as an amber tone, with hues of yellow and red, almost a copper tone. Can you see it now?



What is the best way to describe this? Have you seen an almond out of its shell? Well now add some sugar, cook it on low heat… that burgundy and golden brown, do you see it? That’s the elegant almond sugar color that can be combined with yellow, gold, orange, copper, gray, white, olive green and black.



This rich and vibrant caramel color is like a sauce  that can be made by combining brown sugar, butter, corn syrup, whipping cream, vanilla and salt. The color of butterscotch is somewhere in between yellow and brown once you combine all ingredients. It is a lot lighter than the almond sugar color but your can combine both: almond sugar and butterscotch.



Who doesn’t love cheddar cheese?  This is a strong cheese with an intense orange/yellow color. It would look perfect when combined with dark brown, white, beige and black


#13 GOLD

One of my favorite colors, it makes you shine! It can be worn during day and night. During the day it adds to your elegance but be careful how much of it you wear. Wearing gold at night adds elegance and brightness to your outfit and helps you look spectacular.



A deep, brilliant green. I am not a fan of green but it is refreshing and emits so much peace and calmness. And why not wear it on those crazy hectic days? It can keep us calm and centered. Wear it with a navy blue accessory that would make your outfit perfect!



This light and easy to combine green is in great fashion these days, it looks wonderful with silver pieces. Have you worn it before? If you haven’t, try it with shades of yellow or orange to compliment your look.



Who wouldn’t know this color or where it comes from? I love how it can resemble different shades, sometimes more green, others more yellow depending on the ripeness of the avocado. Green is not one of my ‘go-to’ colors, but I have a blouse in this shade that matches perfectly with white pants. My Saturday errands outfit makes feel so comfortable and fresh.



Its origin is from the French Chartreuse or Carthussian monastery.. Although I had not heard of this complicated term, I had seen the color before. This color changes from a greenish yellow to a grayish yellow.  It is light and variable and matches the color of the Chartreuse liquor which is made by the monastics of the order the Grand Chartreuse of San Bruno in the French Alps .



The color of a forest is not a common color even if you’ve seen it before. It is the unique color green when the leaves begin to fall in Autumn. It is a combination of green grass and dark forest green. It is blue/green that many love today.  It can be combined with neutral colors like gray, nude, and white. It also goes well with purple, light green and orange. Some metallics like silver and gold match perfectly with this unique shade.


#19 EDEN

The garden of Eden, the home of Adam and Eve. When we think of a garden we think it’s green, but this color has more blue tones than green ones.



I love the bluestone color. This special shade of blue has tints of gray, light blue and a tinge of white. It is very similar to the chalcedony quartz, one of my favorites!



This color is vibrant! It makes you shine whether you wear it during the day or at night. You can combine it with many colors like whites, black, green, yellow or purple. Can you tell which stones the picture resembles? It is blue aventurine! There is a beautiful bracelet in my FALL collection, check it out!



This elegant evening blue is cold and orchid blue with a light violet tone that you can combine with different shades of plum color.



This is definitely the color of a grape. We have seen this color in many different drinks. There are grape sodas and grape KOOL-aid with a deep purple color. Now I am sure you can visualize the color because we have all tasted these drinks at some points in our lives. Have you ever tasted a grapete? This was a very popular drink long long ago when I was young…



The tryan purple or greek: πορφύρα, porphyra; also known as real or imperial purple. This is a purple dye whose tone is between a reddish purple and true purple that was worn by Phoenicians.  The dye comes from a medium sea snail. This color is vibrant, elegant which was used by royalty long ago.



I discovered that lavender is not only soft lavender but comes in 8 different shades of lavender. Did you know that they range among shades of mallow,  lilac, blue and purple lavender?



These are the colors of a dove. They are spectacular diverse species whose colors vary accordingly, look for yourselves the picture says it all. She clearly shows the best way to combine its colors.



Frost gray is a cool color, a somber gray that one can see in London skies.



Did you ever think there was a color called ‘dove’? I honestly didn’t! But I love it! The colors of a dove are perfectly and elegantly combined. You can combine these with many different accessories because the colors are neutral and go with everything!



The chicory coffee comes from chicory root once it is toasted and processed. This is a neutral soft color that can be combined with beige, white, and light yellow. You can also match it with orange or blue tones, what do you think?



Careful! Someone may bite you when wearing this color outside. I don’t know about you, but I love this combination. This is the brown I prefer and like the best. A ruffle white top and  maxi skirt or pants if you don’t like skirts with some BLUESTONE accessories will make you look phenomenal!



This is a light peach color that is to be worn to a morning event, afternoon tea or an afternoon with friends. You can combine it with neutral colors, give it a try, experiment and find the combination that makes you feel the best.



Have you heard this term before? Do you know what it is? It is an edible root and comes from a cabbage and turnip. It is harvested in Northern Europe and North America. I would wear it on an easy-flow blouse and navy blue or black classy pants. How about you?



Have you ever seen or tasted a vanilla dessert? Its color, flavor and smell is light and beautiful. It is an elegant neutral beige that matches just about everything and it’s appropriate for any occasion. If you have anything in this color, all you have to do is combine it with everything!


I hope you’ve learned and memorized all about this season’s colors. I hope you liked my blog. Thank you for sharing your comments and thoughts about  it. Don’t forget to check out my colorful pieces on my website.


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