Pink is not just Romantic, is Fantastic!

Pink is not just Romantic, is Fantastic!

Color Pink, personal brand still breaks into my head…It’s 6:38 am on September 30th as I lay here half asleep amidst crazy dreams involving the design of some beautiful jewelry pieces since 5:00 a.m.; I realize this idea has been on my mind for weeks. Designing, creating and making jewelry is such a stress relief for me at times I feel I must get to it right away! Then I tell myself I must get up, get to my computer and get going, need to write. But, I decide that my bed is so comfortable and cozy I just grab my phone and start writing this blog, so here it goes…..

This blog begins with a comment I received from somebody about the principal color of my brand which is PINK. For some odd reason, her comment really stuck in my mind;  she said she felt it was too “girly”. Choosing your brand color is not a simple process, it involves investigation and work on your part to choose a color that represents you! This color will be a reflection of the person behind the brand, the hands, the brains and all that UNIQUE BY JACKIE represents.

In order to brand my line of jewelry, I worked with my mentor back in 2018 for 15 days. The process required a lot of work to finally define the color of UNIQUE: pink!. It took me 15 days to do so, as also did with the colors that would accompany it. 

The instructions were: search on the internet the meaning of each of the colors you like, not only in one website but several websites. Read all the definitions, take notes, and pay attention to the words that impress you or that you identify with.

The homework wasn´t easy, can you imagine the quantity of websites that talk about colors on the internet? And also, how many colors are there? It could have taken me a lifetime!

At the end it was ok to do it like that, I passed thru all the basic colors, the neutrals and some combinations including silver and gold. But everything I found about pink just captivated me and I immediately identified myself with it.

This exercise with my mentor made me go back to my school days as a little girl. One time, I asked my mom if I could change the wall color in my room and she agreed to let me choose it. I chose a very light pink, one that you could barely notice on the walls. I do not remember why I chose that color, but I do remember how calm and at peace I felt when I entered my room it was incredible!. Since then, I could sleep better and I always woke up rested and with a sense of peace and happiness.


I had all the words that had resonated in my mind and those I wanted to share with my brand “Unique by Jackie”. Do you want to know what words impressed the most about pink? here you go:

PINK: This color represents caring, compassion and love. Pink is a color that stands for unconditional love and understanding and is associated with giving and receiving care. 

Since pink is a combination of red and white, both colors add a little to its characteristics. Pink gets the lust factor from red, while white gives it an opportunity to achieve success and insight. Passion and power from the color red, softened with the purity and openness of the white color completes pink’s meaning. The deeper the pink color, the more passion and energy it radiates.

Pink is romantic and intimate, feminine, loving, caring and extremely considerate. It tones down the physical passion from the red color and replaces it with a gentle and loving energy. The color pink is insightful and intuitive and it shows tenderness and kindness from its empathetic and sensitive nature.

In color psychology, pink is a sign of hope. It is a positive color that inspires warm and comforting feelings. The color pink gives the feeling that everything will go well or be okay. It may also indicate good health and success. It represents sweetness and innocence in children and our own inner child.

Finally, I know I was right when I chose my brand color. For me, all the pieces I created are characterized by all that the color pink represents. My pieces are loaded with ALL that pink is, its energies and all its feelings: passion: what I do with my hands is my daily motor; unconditional love: to put everything I have to give the best of me in every piece and every day; purity and openness: knowing the purity of the materials I work with, where they come from in nature; gentle and loving energy: the one I pour during the creative process of a unique piece; vision: how the piece will be or the person who will wear it; intuition: I know immediately if a piece will be liked a lot or if it will be sold fast or not; the feminine side: each piece of my jewelry is for a woman; sweetness: the colors’ combinations that can provoke this feeling; romantic: this involves all the details and textures that highlight and enhance all my pieces; success: knowing that my idea of success is to give 200% in all the things I do every day using my hands and my talents.

Can you see it clearly now?  Each one of my pieces has all the characteristics that agree with the color pink…. Yes pink is girly, but it is also romantic and now more than ever pink is truly fantastic! Pink is the new black! How do you like that?

With everlasting passion,


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