What My Jewelry Reflects

What My Jewelry Reflects

I believe that whatever we do in life is God’s purpose. In my case, I have not always done what I do now: jewelry. My life changed course and designing and making jewelry is my greatest joy today.

On Tuesday January 21st, I woke up feeling a bit nervous and uncertain. I had an appointment at 8:30 in the morning with the someone I had met at a bazar I had participated last December.

When we met, she told me a story half way, but I knew I would eventually find out the rest. She said she was looking for a special piece of jewelry and could come and visit me in my studio.

I consider myself very sensible and intuitive. Even when specific details are lacking, I am able to figure things out very quickly.

Here is the story: I greeted my client, we talked for a bit, and she told me about herself and I shared about me. Later in the conversation, I took out my box of crystals and sat at my desk. Prior to the appointment, I had a beautiful silver feather ready, which she asked me to get for a special necklace she wanted. At that moment, I really didn’t know the meaning of the feather, but I had an idea. I took the feather out a little scared, I didn’t know if she was going to like it. When she saw it, her face lit up and she was so happy. I was very relieved. I noticed that in her right forearm, she had a tattoo about 20 cm long, a colorful feather!

Her mother had passed away about a year ago and she had not been able to recover from such pain. The anniversary of her death would be on February 12th. She wanted to wear a piece that would make her feel close to her mother, one that would allow her to feel her mother’s presence always. She wanted this piece and its color to match with several of her outfits and items in her closet.

I asked her: “What color do you want this piece”, she said, “Red”. I invited her to sit next to me, but she chose to remain standing beside my desk. I took out the red crystals and opals, placed the feather in the middle of the plate and we began our design.

When I finished she told me she didn’t like it. I knew it! I knew it because even though red is a beautiful color and represents love, it is too bold and intense. We made some slight changes and created a different design, to which she reacted the same way as before: she didn’t like it and now she looked disappointed.


I turned to her and I said: “You want something more subtle right?”.  “The feather is very meaningful, it represents a sign from angels, your mother is an angel, now right?” She nodded and agreed with my statement.

“I have something that I am certain you’ll like”, I said. “Ok” she responded. I walked over to my closet where I store all my crystal boxes and took one out. I sat down again, and without saying a word I took out a handful of crystals. In my hand I had  various crystals, faceted quartz opals  of four different pastel colors. I placed them on the board and her face lit up immediately and she said: “they’re beautiful! I want those!!

I made half her necklace with the new gems and placed it next to the red one to make sure that was the right color; so that she could compare it to the previous one and have an idea of how the finished product was going to look. I asked her again “Do you like it”, “yes, I love it!” she answered.


“But… it’s missing something”, she said. To which I answered: “yes, the final touch goes at the end” and we both smiled.

I took some additional pieces and silver separators and placed them in between the crystals according to the pattern I had in mind. When she saw it, she finally said: “that’s it Jackie! It’s perfect!”.

I asked her to let me finish the entire design so that I could get her approval before I completed the final product. The necklace was designed and approved and she left my studio feeling very pleased.

There was another part of this story I didn’t know…

A few days later once the necklace was finished, I called her so she could come pick it up. She came and tried it on. “It’s perfect, it’s long, the feather, the colors….!” We were both very happy and excited. She paid me and left in a hurry since she had things to do.

The next day, she messaged me on WhatsApp. Her message described who her mom was and what she did. Her mother was not only an angel but a CALLIGRAPHER OR SCRIBER, who had gotten certified in the US and was very well known for her work. I said to myself “what different and special kind of art”, “too bad I did not know her” I thought; I would have loved to know her.

They used to work together. Jessica in her own business of handmade soaps and cosmetics and her mother as a calligrapher.

The main picture of this blog are the feathers that she used for her work. Aren’t they beautiful? She was also an artist!

I would like all of you to know that all the pictures I used in this post were provided by my client, who gave me her consent to use them and tell her story.

I told this story to remind us that “love never ends, especially true love; it only transforms. Where there was love and was nurtured, nothing and no one can destroy it, not even death. It will stay with us forever”.

This blog was written in honor of Mrs. Lucy Buitrago, Salvadorean calligrapher who is well known for her work in the country. She was recognized by the King and Queen of Spain. Her work included lettering, wedding invitations and others. It is also in honor of her daughter Jessica Molina who gave me this opportunity to create the necklace for her and see her joy when thinking of her mother. My jewelry does not only reflect my creativity or what my customers may want. It also reflects their feelings and personality. That’s why each piece of jewelry is special. Unique by Jackie is Wearable and Happy art.

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and may you always be surrounded by Love!

With everlasting passion,


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