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Custom Design

In Unique by Jackie there will always be pieces ready to buy created by Jackie’s inspiration which you will find in her social media pages or, you can ask her for other pieces that she might have in her Studio and kindly will send them to your email/WhatsApp number for you to choose.

Furthermore, you can choose to create one of your personal taste accompanied and guided by her. You will be able to choose the materials, the color of the stones, crystals, focals, pearls, technique; everything to have your dream piece come true.

The only thing you have to do is reach us thru any of the following ways: 1) You can look out for the forms here in the page and just fill them in depending on what you want; 2) write a WhatsApp message from this page, or 3) through any of her social media. We will be glad to help you. And the last one and easiest , can click here too: contact@uniquebyjackie.com.



Have you ever taken the time to look into your night stand’s drawers, closet, jewelry boxes of how much broken jewelry you have that needs repair, or just needs some upgrade or new look?

Does your piece need now to be shorter or longer because you have new cloth and can’t wear that jewelry anymore? Tell us what do you want to do with that favorite piece of jewelry and gladly we will help you, click here: contact@uniquebyjackie.com.



Is your favorite piece in bad shape? The clasp does not longer work? Did your bracelet burst? Does your pearl bracelet or necklace need new threading? Do you want to make a necklace shorter or longer?

Do not stop using your pieces just contact us, we will be glad to fix them, click here: contact@uniquebyjackie.com.



 Special Orders

There a lot of people in our lives that we love in a very special way. A friend, sister, mother, grandmother, office partner, etc. Celebrate their special dates/ celebrations with a unique and special piece designed thinking on her very own taste or personality.

For example: identical bracelets, rosaries, wedding ties, Holy Communion bracelets, special pearl necklaces of two or three loops, special sized jewelry, wedding sets, bookmarks, keychains, etc. Please contact us here:  contact@uniquebyjackie.com.



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