Be a diamond this Christmas – Shed your Light!

Be a diamond this Christmas – Shed your Light!

Do we really know how diamonds are formed? A diamond emerges after experiencing extreme pressure and high temperature. It’s not until then that such a precious stone comes to life.

This year is about to end and nobody can deny that 2020 has been a peculiar, uncertain and hard year. 2020 leaves us with many lessons learned, lost loved ones, life changes around us and inside of us… but, what do diamonds have to do with 2020 you may ask?

They have a wide range of positive characteristics. Diamonds are clear crystals, wonderfully and perfectly transparent and full of shine. They are the hardest crystals. When hit with something heavy, crystals maintain their purity and shine, there is no trace of damage or scratches at all. Their exceptional shine and luster can only be surpassed by that of a metal.

So, do you now realize what this blog is about? After all the stress, anxiety, worry and problems we have faced this unforgettable 2020 can you see it? Do you see that you are better, with clear and definite life goals? Are you now fully aware of what’s important, valuable, worthy?

You became a bit stronger; you are not afraid of what may come, you’ve encountered fear and overcome it. You have really grown this year. This Christmas, just shine, be the light for your family, make it special for them, for your friends, and for those who are less fortunate than you. Go ahead! shine like the star of Bethlehem! the star that showed the way to our savior’s birth, the only way to Jesus Christ and meet with HIM. That’s really what Christmas is about, be the light! be A DIAMOND!

With everlasting passion,


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