New Beginnings, New Goals

New Beginnings, New Goals

I love new beginnings, the smell in the air after the holidays, the feel of the remaining winds that take away with them what was left of the previous year as the new year unfolds. I’ve decided to live this new year with more hope, faith and a daily dose of joy!


I love the blank and fresh pages in my new planner at the beginning of the year. I can fill those pages with all my hopes and what may seem as unthinkable or crazy dreams. Will all my dreams come true this year? When? That, I don’t know! I do know that all I need to make them real is to let go and have faith and hope as I continue to sail in the path ahead.

I firmly believe that things will happen at the right time; that is not on my time but on God’s time as it’s always been and as it should be. The year 2020 is gone and with it, we lost many things but we learned so many new lessons. Now it’s time to go on…. time never stops.



It’s time to write those goals that invade your thoughts and are heavy on your heart… Have you written them? Are they clear? So clear that you wake up every morning full of enthusiasm and ready to start fulfilling them? If you still haven’t, I dare you to write them! Be clear and specific, dream BIG! So that the universe starts granting your wishes and dreams. Go ahead, write! And magically when you least expect it, your dreams will start to become your realities.



As for me at this point in the month, my goals are not only written but already in motion moving with discipline, commitment and dedication. With that are included hours of relaxation and pure fun! Joy and gratefulness. I am full of hope that this year will be better than the last one.

If your 2020 was awful, don’t give up! Get yourself up because you matter, because you’re worth it! You’re God’s special gem whose purpose HE will fulfill through you and your abilities and gifts.

I wish you the courage and perseverance to conquer your goals and the faith to find your way to them. I want to leave you with the link of a beautiful song by Katy Perry called Firework Listen to it, and follow the path to your dreams!

Click play to listen.

Katy Perry - Firework (Official Music Video)

With Everlasting Passion,


Disclaimer: This song and video is Katy Perry’s Copyright, not mine. Its intended use is just for motivational purposes for my followers

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