Part 2. What kind of woman and mother are you? Who do you identify with or relate to?

Sesión de Fotos a Modelo con Vestimenta Rosada

Part 2. What kind of woman and mother are you? Who do you identify with or relate to?

This blog is the second part of the one I published last year on April 16th, it has the same name but, as you can see is part 2.

Because the reason of publishing it with a lot of time in between is very extense to explain, I will not do and, jus have fun reading it.  Try to Identify yourself with one of  these characters because I am certain you will do with at least one!


Mujer Seductora

5.0 The dazzling woman and mother is glamorous, sexy and very attractive. She loves to call attention and have eyes on her. Oh, but wait a minute! I am not sure if you know but we are all a little bit like this, it’s engraved in our DNA. This is the image we project on a night out with our husband, boyfriend, date or a fun night with friends.

She loves to wear fitted clothes, short skirts, or shapely outfits that show their beautiful and tanned legs. Their look compliments them from head to toe displaying long and full hair styles all the way to sexy, strappy sandals. Her makeup is composed of smoky eyes, and shiny lips that compliment a sensual look

*Her accessories have movement, bold and long necklaces, wide bracelets, long and attractive earring with lots of shine and big rings. Her bright jewelry goes well with black, gold, and silver outfits that they love to wear.

6.0 The creative woman and mother is spontaneous, original and artistic. They are the architects, press agents, musicians, graphic designers, etc. They are free spirited, independent, ingenious and very unique. Unusual patterns, lots of texture and color are the highlight of their wardrobe. Her vintage style includes international accessories, boots and sandals that match her unusual hair style and color and eccentric makeup.

*Her accessories: These women love to accessorize with big jewelry. They wear heavy necklaces of various materials and color, multicultural and exotic accessories that expose other ethnicities.

7.0 The dramatic woman and mother: I know what you’re thinking but it’s not that!!!! She is surprisingly sophisticated and her goal is to establish and prove her influence and power. She is self-confident, powerful, cosmopolitan and very strong. She identifies herself with exquisite and exceptional colors and contrasts. Black is a dominant color in her wardrobe of some geometric designs. There is something in her attire that truly stands out. Her makeup is with well-defined cheekbones and very bold. Her hair is elegant and flawless.

*Her accessories are big, flashy, unique and extravagant. You can spot her a mile away. Her accessories are algo geometric and symmetrical; full of color and contrasts.

With everlasting passion,


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