Meet Jackie Harrouch

Unique by Jackie was born in 2013 in the Dominican Republic. A fun and casual hobby grew into a greater passion and eventually into the  business  it is today.

Founder, Jacqueline Harrouch is a Salvadoran-born Industrial Engineer by profession and Jewelry Designer by passion. Jackie and her family left El Salvador and moved to the Dominican Republic in 2009 where they lived for seven years. She used her time to explore and learn new possibilities and her time in the new country was never wasted.

Jackie attended the “Altos de Chavón” Design School. She took several courses including Interior Design, Interior Decoration and Garden Design. Jackie had always had a passion in these areas and she used this time to pursue her interests that were placed on hold while she worked as an Industrial Engineer back in her home country. In this new, foreign and beautiful country is where she found the missing piece and one of her biggest passions.

  • “When I took the first Jewelry class, I felt an immense joy, similar to when you find something precious you lost.  Jewelry making and design gave me a lot of tranquility and peace. I instantly knew that I could do it for the rest of my life.  I decided to follow this newly found passion and love knowing that it wasn’t going to be easy because I was living in a country different than my own”


In 2016, Jackie and her business moved back to El Salvador determined to stay and grow.

Her hands are the creators of all the special and unique pieces. She creates fine jewelry for the modern and elegant woman that appreciates natural beauty. Her jewelry is made with earth’s carefully chosen treasures such as semi-precious stones, pearls crystals, silver, leather and more. Her designs will satisfy your personal taste and will make you feel great.

Her work is driven by her passion to create and it is inspired by nature’s true colors. Playing with various colors, textures, forms and sizes is part of her creative process that leads to the creation of a Unique, exclusive and elegant piece you will own and wear like art.

In addition to creating her own inspired jewelry, Jackie’s clients can set up a personal appointment with her.  Jackie’s services include the opportunity to create a personalized piece you need for a special occasion, the redesign of one of your own most-loved pieces or the restoration of one of your damaged ones. Jackie can help with repairs even if a piece is handmade or crafted from precious metals like gold and silver.

Unique by Jackie is a company that creates fine quality jewelry with joy, love and passion. She merges all that into a very unique, special, elegant and handmade piece. Unique by Jackie is in just one phrase: Wearable and Happy Art.

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